Monday, October 02, 2006

Painted House

We have been wanting to paint our house since before we even moved in but, being slow as we are, we just now got it done. We hired the work out, thank goodness, and I think it is a vast improvement from the previous condition. Here is the new paint with white trim.

The old painting scheme...light yellow with a pale mauve trim.

More House Painting

We also aiming to replace the door and sidelight before old man winter comes this year and then possibly adding trim around the windows next spring (not likely to to happen this year).

Another photo with the old colors. This was taken shortly after we bought the house...can't even see furniture in the windows. Looking very much alive in this picture, we are still working on erradicating the ivy off the front yard trees.

Rear View

A narrow look at the back of the house from the treehouse perspective.

An older look from the treehouse.