Monday, January 30, 2006

Part of the team??

Yup, that is me in the middle, hanging with the guys at Safeco Field.

In the Dugout

We toured the visiting team's seemed much larger in person than when you see it on television.

Richie Sexson & Greg Dobbs

Matt and I stood in line for over an hour but it was well worth it to get signatures from both first baseman Richie Sexson and player-extraordinaire Greg Dobbs. Yes, you read that correctly, live and in-person signatures and on MLB baseballs no less!!!

Felix the Great

The line for Felix Hernandez seemed to move a little quicker than the earlier signing session. Man, it was so awesome to see this guy in person and get him to sign our baseballs. With his talent and at only 19-years old, he is going to be huge someday.

Mariner's Pitcher

I sure wish I could remember this pitchers name...we both got his signature on our entrance tickets and he seemed like such a nice guy, willing to take time out for a photo. No matter, I will figure it out :) We had such a good time touring the Safeco Field facilities and getting signatures...we are definately going to do this again next year.

Mariners Fan Fest 2006

Matt, Tory, Jacob, and I went to the Mariners Fan Fest yesterday...what a great time!!! We stopped for a picture as we ran around the bases. The next stop was taking a few swings in the batting cages and then touring the M's clubhouse.

State Wrestling Tournament

Held down at the Battle Ground High School, the State Folkstyle Wrestling Tournament was the biggest one we have attended yet. The picture shows four full mats, two additional ones were located closer to the stands. They had the mats broken up into two for a total of 12 matches happening simultaneously. Jacob wrestled tough, winning his second match of the day and losing two others. It was great experience for him to be wrestling with such high caliber athletes and only in his first year.