Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Play Ball!

I love baseball season!! The peanuts, beer, expertly manicured fields, and the players giving it their all in every game!! Went to the Mariners game Friday with one of my good friends to see a disappointing loss to the Indians. Even with the dip below .500 (again) it was still great fun...a bad day at the ballpark beats, well, just about anything.

Wednesday, April 20, 2005


Am I the only one that needed to read this one twice to make sure it really says whatever?

Monday, April 18, 2005

On the up side...

The Mariners are back to .500 following their 5-4 victory over the Chicago White Sox yesterday. GO M's!!!!

Eventful Weekend

This past weekend was a bit more eventful that I care for. We planned a dinner celebration for my mom's birthday on Saturday evening. I was in charge of getting salmon, lemon cake, and problem. We planned to hit Pike Place Market for some flying fish and fresh flowers while the lemon cake was made Friday night. Well....

We wake on early on Saturday morning to Linus, one of our beagles, sick and acting very odd. He was throwing up and acting kind of drunk. He could hardly stand up straight, even fell over at one point. He was hunched down and shaking all over with this far sighted look on his face. So it was off to the emergency vet in our pj's. By the time the vet actually saw Linus he seemed very much him self again, acting normal. So not knowing exactly what caused his episode...could have just eaten something toxic or very dead, never know what they will sniff out...and with him acting normal again, we decline additional testing and decide to just keep an eye on him and contact the vet if there were any futher problems.

By this time are running pretty late and decide to go to the local market for fish and flowers. We start on our way to Portland and en route stop at a rest area south of Olympia. Just as we are loading the boys back into the truck, Linus has another seizure. Unlike the morning episode, there is no doubt what is going on with him.

Our vet refers us to an emergency pet hospital in Olympia and off we go to see what we can find out. Again, by the time we saw the vet, Linus was acting fairly normal, though perhaps a little less energetic. All the blood tests and x-rays were normal. The conclusion...either some kind of mushroom poisoning or epilepsy.

We are still keeping a close eye on further problems on Saturday or Sunday. We did make it down to my mom's birthday party and had a good and cake turned out great and mom loved the flowers. But we sure could do without so much excitement.

Friday, April 15, 2005

Vote for Pedro

Always see these fliers on the sidewalks leftover from the night before. This one was too funny to let get wet and soggy on the Seattle concrete.

Vote for Pedro...he will give you protection.