Wednesday, September 20, 2006


And in Navy news...Tory was selected to advance to the rank of chief this year. After six weeks of "transition" the pinning ceremony was on Friday. See how centered and even the anchors are pinned to his collar?? Jacob and I do good work ;)

The New Uniform

Here is the full view of the new uniform. It certianly took me a little bit by surprise the first time I saw the new color...I have gotten so used to seeing the dungarees after all this time. I guess the monochrome look works...

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

They guys

When long time friends get married, it bring the guys back together once again. Phil flew all the way from Florida for the wedding and his brother Mark drove up from Eugene. It was awesome for the guys to catch up, drink beer, and speak pirate, arrrrrgh. By the way, has anyone seen Chris' pants?


Congratulations to Ryan/Michael/Rychael and Caitlin. They had an absolutely beautiful wedding on the Oregon Coast a few weeks ago and will be headed on their honeymoon to Ireland shortly.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Yessssss, made it to the top

We climbed fairly simple routes for Father's Day...still quite a victory to get to the top :)

Happy Climbers

We had such a great time climbing! This is all of us after getting home with a little sun to remind us of our adventure.

Jacob Hanging

Jacob has really taken to the rock like a fish in water. He does get tired though and like to just hang out.

Lead Climbing

Tory and I both successfully did our first lead climbs...certainly gets your heart racing a little more knowing you have the end of the rope attached to your own harness.

Father's Day at Exit 38

I am a little late with this post...
For Father's Day this year, we went to a fantastic climbing area off Exit 38 near North Bend. Evidently this is a very popular place with tons of mapped out routes. It was great to get back on the rock after such a prolonged absense (has it really been 10 years???).